Brighton’s Graphic War

From 2014-16, with funding from Arts Council England, QueenSpark Books  worked with young writers and artists from across Brighton & Hove to produce a graphic novel based on the lives of local people up to and including the First World War.

We embarked on the project because the 100th anniversary of the Great War marked a moment in time where we could creatively engage young people in understanding the lives of their forebears, and the impact the War had on this city and its people.

The participants used local stories and archive images from the period between 1900-1920 to develop their stories and artwork, and were supported throughout by experienced comic writer Tim Pilcher and artist Paul Collicutt. The book, and e-book, will be launched on Armistice Day, 11th November, 2016.

This blog was used as schools’ resource material at the start of the project. However, it remains of use to any educationalist who wants to stimulate the learning of young people by using relevant, local historical content.


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Please Contact Project Manager, Sarah Hutchings for further information: sarah [at]